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Upon graduating high school, I promptly moved to Boise in anticipation of attending Boise State University as a photography major. About a year into my studies I discovered that I needed more than was being offered in my photography classes. During my second year, I switched my major over to marketing and focused on attending workshops in order to perfect my photography craft. At the same time, I was running my business on the side and working full-time at another job.
I finally made the big leap in 2010 to pursue photography as my full-time job and have not looked back!
In this journey I’ve learned that my favorite part of this job is having the ability to bring out the personalities of those I am photographing. Whether it is making your kiddos giggle, capturing some beautiful moments between you and your spouse, or simply making one feel good about themselves; by the end of the session you will most likely feel very comfortable in front of my camera. Even means you’ll hear some of my awkward jokes.
I have the most amazing husband. You can often find us looking for our next adventure, biking around downtown Boise or walking our dog in the North End, where we live in our quaint little 50’s home.
I love laughing and don’t take myself too seriously. I will try anything once. Life is too short to sit around waiting for fun things to happen.
I love food, wine, travel, music, reading, and culture. Aside from my family, traveling is one of my most favorite things. My husband and I are making our way around the world one country at a time.

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