SuChen Gee


SuChen Gee, the owner of Ophidia Studio, embodies the power and potential of pole dancing and aerial arts. While she had been active her entire life, a devastating accident left her with serious back and neck injuries, which resulted in chronic pain. She tried to regain her strength through her old fitness routines – swimming, walking and cycling – but the pain proved too much. She even found a senior water aerobics class too difficult – and wondered if she could even live without pain again.At 42, coaxed into trying a pole class by a friend, SuChen was surprised – and elated – to find that pole fitness had no impact on her back and neck. It was love at first class. She lost over 45 pounds, saw the pain diminish, gained core strength and flexibility – and quickly progressed to advanced levels, despite no formal dance or gymnastics training.As an instructor and business owner, SuChen has made it her mission to change the lives on women and men of all ages and fitness backgrounds through the aerial and pole arts. She has taught over 500 hours of pole and aerial classes to thousands of students and brought aerial performances to events and venues across the Treasure Valley.And while her career started in retail management and corporate marketing, she has found her passion as a small business owner promoting wellness and in a results-oriented, unique and safe  setting.

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