Nate Perkes

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Boise, ID. I love adventuring through foreign countries with my wife, pad thai, getting lost in the forest, backpacking through the mountains, snorkeling with dolphins, diving with sharks, rainy days and Maxfield Parrish clouds (look ’em up). Our life is a balance of exploring with our 4 kids, evening bike rides, catching frogs and camping in the summer, sledding and snowboarding in the winter, and crazy dance parties in the living room on the daily. In short, we love to adventure. I’ve been photographing weddings and elopements for 7 years now. I love how weddings mark the beginning of the craziest and best adventure you’re about to embark on. I love getting to know and getting inspired by your love story. After shooting over 100 weddings, no two weddings have been the same. I approach each wedding like telling a brand new story, no trying to make your story fit an existing mold. I’m all about the small in between moments, those moments when you think I’ve set my camera down. The small hidden glances you give each other that say, “hey you. I love you”. I crave those candid, genuine and real moments of connection between a couple.

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