Nancy Kelly

My music is a medley of Piano Folk with hints of Jazz and Classical. I write all my own songs and sing them, accompanying myself with piano. I’m also currently learning to play the dulcimer and ukulele.
I’ve enjoyed playing my original tunes in local venues since 1998 – coffee houses, stores, art galleries, parks events, farmers markets, community benefits and festivals. Now that the kids have grown I’m looking forward to gigging locally and beyond.
At age 17, I wrote my first song which was about tea-drinking candlelight hours on the eastern shores of Cape Cod. Since then I’ve been documented my life in songs, the subject matter reflecting the current phase I find myself in. I love painting 3-5 minute musical pictures of what I see and feel.
I have a lot of reasons why I am a musician and songwriter today but I’d be remiss if I didn’t credit my musical heritage: My paternal Grandmother Mildred played and taught piano and my maternal Grandmother Jeanne was an actress but also composed her own songs and accompanied herself on the piano. My parents filled our home with classical music, spiritual inspirational music and never failed to pull out the traditional Christmas records once Thanksgiving Day arrived to usher in the holidays. My mother bought a family piano when I was in 4th grade only if I’d agree to take lessons till I graduated from High School! I hung in there and even studied music a few years in college until my father encouraged me to be more practical and aim for a business degree! My brother Steven introduced me to all the cool music of the 60’s and 70’s ~ he still owns the largest vinyl collection EVER!
MY MUSICAL STYLE has evolved with my life phases and I eventually settled into a piano folk niche with my songwriting. Folk seems to blend my musical roots and the kind of music I like with the type of voice I have. In saying that I won’t lock myself into only folk since I’ve been told my voice lends itself well to Jazz. And I may pursue that more too – why not? I also have been trained in classical music and there are whiffs of that in my piano playing from time to time. But primarily folk is what draws me in as a listener. Simplicity and honesty are at the heart of folk songs that evoke sitting on the porch on a summer evening – with story telling and things like that. More than ever, I want to convey such hominess with my songs and my aim is to let that come through more in my next recordings.

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