Megan Dawson & Laura Morawitz

Megan Dawson & Laura MorawitzMegan Dawson
After receiving a post graduate degree from the New York School of Interior Design, Megan has spent the last 17 years working on small and large scale residential and commercial projects in Chicago, Sun Valley, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Able to interpret a range of design styles, whether traditional, contemporary, mountain, beach or desert-style living, Megan believes the key to her success is understanding how her clients intend to use their space. She believes design needs to be functional, yet she never compromises on aesthetic, quality and creativity. “The first and often most exciting step in the design process is consulting with my clients to get a clear understanding of their vision and hope for the space, whether that is family entertaining, creating a vacation retreat or modern transformation without the hassle of construction. This vision lays the foundation for aesthetic.” Megan has honed her expertise in color selection, the use of textiles and fine detailing that often convey an element of surprise through craftsmanship, creative fabric combinations or unique blend of antique and modem elements. As a member of one of Sun Valley’s premiere design teams, she has no shortage of resources and has developed relationships with top craftsmen and showrooms around the country. Having spent years working closely with architects and contractors, she knows the importance of maintaining precise schedules and making timely construction decisions that are necessary to keep a project moving along. In-house purchasing and billing departments ensure that the details of all orders – big or small – are handled with exacting detail and delivered on time and beyond expectations.
Laura Morawitz
Laura Morawitz grew up in Manhattan and later Atlanta. After attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Laura Morawitz has traveled extensively internationally, as well as lived in diverse places, including California, Australia, Seattle, Charleston, SC and 12 years in Sun Valley. Inspired by the many places she has seen, and raised in a rich environment of classical north and south-eastern American style, the self-taught decorator has created unique interiors for the last 15 years in Idaho, the southeast and the west coast to the great satisfaction of her clients. “My goal is a finished space that reflects my clients and their personalities and lifestyle. I am there to interpret, filter and facilitate their vision for their home. The client can be as involved or surprised by the outcome as they wish to be. Diligence in the layering of texture and hue, whether a look be traditional or contemporary, the color scheme bright or neutral, as well as sourcing great art and one of a kind pieces are also some of my strengths.”

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