Mantis was created simply from a chance encounter at a local open Mic. Just two musicians with the same taste in bands and also looking for someone to play with. So before we became Mantis the two of us played in a cover band called Rude Therapy. We wanted to stand out and challenge ourselves by covering more advanced artists such as Led Zeppelin, Tool, Deftones, and NIN. The two of us bonded over music and performing together. Our bond allowed us to start writing the type of music we had always loved. Our first song we wrote together was “Where we’re Going.” Its a slow emotional blues balad that speaks about wanting to run away with the one you love and starting a nee and better life. Next was our first single, “Your Defintion.” This one is more of a grunge powerhouse song that talks about the importance of being in control of your destiny and defining your future. We decided that it was time to share our music with the world. So in a cliche manner we recorded our first demo. (The World We Live In) was recorded in a basement studio named Octocorn Records which supports a lot of local talent. Since then we have received so much support and love for Mantis and our originals. It only makes us want to get better and keep writing what we love. Both of us being young 20-somethings, we are truly just beginning and have much more music to share with you all ! Mantis is on the scene now and we are here to stay.

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