Lauren Bluhm

Lauren was born in Provo Utah in June,1993. Soon she moved and grew up in the town of Chambersburg Pennsylvania. She started drawing and sculpting at the age of only seven years old. She never lost her passion for the arts. She would watch many animated movies and cartoons. Her favorite always being Lilo and Stitch. It inspired her to practice drawing and she moved to working on her art on the computer. She learned photoshop and illustrator. She attended Chambersburg Area High School and graduated in 2012. She then attended Brigham Young University Idaho with a major in Studio art. There she learned how to create characters and strong story telling skills. She fell in love with character design and storyboarding. In July of 2017 she graduated BYU I with a bachelors degree in Studio Art. I am a Freelance Illustrator and I am currently open for commissions. Whether it be character design, story boarding, sculptures, or even comics or children’s books. Depending on the scale of the project will determine the price. But I am more than happy to negotiate payment with any clients and try to work within their budget.

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