Kelly Cox And Eric Mullis

Kelly Cox and Eric Mullis are an artist team living in to Boise, ID where they recently completed their MFAs. Before moving to Boise they made art in Madison, WI, Missoula, MT and Minneapolis, MN. They are currently art instructors for the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Art program and adjunct faculty at Boise State University and CWI. They make artwork together in their home studio while raising a small boy named Edwin. Kelly’s work is a manifestation of psychic habitats. Her forms express the vulnerable position of living in a body, in a world that you cannot control or understand, of living within a media environment that provides the illusion of information (and progress) but doesn’t follow through (and is indecipherable). Her work considers the way intangible dangers and pleasures bleed into the tangible dangers and pleasures of the daily to-do. Reasons hide behind the irrational posing as reason. Thus, communication is very obvious and difficult. The more one tries to speak clearly, the more one dissolves into the uncertainty between was and is, and “was” and “is?” Eric’s work is informed by his experience as a craftsperson. His work explores how meaning can be conveyed through function. The meaning of function can be dramatically skewed depending on the presentation and the viewpoint of the user as consumer, maker/user, or entrepreneur. He has explored function by asking the following questions; How is our contemporary relationship to objects defined by advertising? How does our contemporary relationship to objects differ from the pre-20th century practice of self-producing 90% of what we own? What is the relationship between the historical (Western) definition of the human subject and their contemporary relationship to objects? He believes that the human-object relationship is increasingly important to explore because it is a direct reflection of the ideological and hierarchical nature of contemporary relational politics in general.

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