Judith McQueen

Judith McQueenIt’s no understatement to call Judith McQueen a legendary Sun Valley chef…ask around, it’s true. Her relentless pursuit of marrying food and beauty is both her calling and her passion. Judith’s current endeavor, the catering and entertainment company she founded in 1998, Judith McQueen Entertaining, is the culmination of her thirty-three years as a professional chef, six years in corporate food service, and nearly two decades of events, party planning, and corporate functions. Judith McQueen Entertaining sets the standard for exquisite catering and event planning in Sun Valley, Idaho, and beyond.
“We pride ourselves on beautiful presentations and luscious flavors,” says Judith. Judith has wined and dined heads of state, celebrities, captains of industry, and more often than not, dear, dear friends. Comfortable dealing with a myriad of cultural and regional cuisines, Judith likens her client’s initial experience to a kid in a candy shop – if you can dream it, it can be done. Judith McQueen Entertaining delivers unparalleled service, tailor-made cuisine, and pitch-perfect atmosphere every time. Your affair – whether a wedding, a shower, or an intimate dinner with your closest friends – will be a memorable one!

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