John Padlo

Space Toys, Ray-guns, Robots, UFO’s, Gangsters, and Candy become astounding artifacts in John Padlo’s unconventional bold color paintings. John Padlo is a traditionally schooled artist, a product of the San Francisco Academy of Art, now a painter working out of the Boise Treasure Valley area who’s work focuses on science fiction retro themed art. John is an avid collector of vintage toys, classic cars, and even a few vintage tractors are fund in the shop/studio space. Away from art and his collection, John enjoys the outdoors riding atv’s and dirt bikes. His wife and 4 girls in the house also keep him quite busy. Ever since I can remember I have always been drawn to primary colors and fascinated by the mechanical world. Toys, mannequins, UFOs, hot rods, pulp and science fiction gravitate toward my inner child and become playful subjects in my artwork. I create art and paint because I’m compelled to. I enjoy the physical act of painting, drawing, sculpting, as well as the magic of design, composition, and creation. Every brush stroke is a tribute to my creative process, and a celebration of youthful dreams realized. Ever since I can remember I have always been drawn to primary colors. As a child I was always interested in how things worked and I remember taking toys apart rather then playing with them. I have always been drawn to engineering and the mechanical world fascinated me. It’s hard to believe how raw materials mined from this planet provide us with the products we use daily. I don’t truly belive this, but I daydream that we do have aliens hidden away somewhere and that we are reverse engineering their technology. It’s quite entertaining to watch some of the old 50’s and 60’s footage of alien abduction stories. If I lived in that time, I don’t think I would be making such claims but I sure would love to be friends with the people that were. I always liked to collect things, even though I don’t consider myself a collector. I take great pride in ownership but I’m not a museum. I probably irritate true collectors by doing some of the things that I do. I’ll buy something rare and open it, and by doing so, I destroy the value of the item. My toys for instance are my props, my tools, they are interesting to me and I use them as subjects in my paintings. I love the physical act of painting. Holding a brush, the act of applying paint to a canvas, the magic of creation, design, composition and the idea process. I tried painting tradition still lifes, landscapes, and even portraits while attending art school. I had no passion for those subjects and actually stopped painting for several years. The toys, mannequins, and saucers have given new life and purpose to my art which i hope to explore for many years to come.

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