Jamie, Heidi and Paige

Jamie, Heidi and PaigeJamie Hubbs
Originally I wanted to be a storm chaser. Instead I founded Glean Photography in 2013 as a side hustle and now here I am nearly 5 years later, knee deep in a photography career with a few of the best photography and wedding partners in crime. We have a new fancy name, Glean + Co, and we specialize in Weddings, Babies and all of the chaos in between! I am nearly 30 and I have no children yet. Someone told me the other day I was going to be an old mom {thanks, I guess…} Just two dingy little chihuahua pound mix breeds. One looks like an baby deer and the other looks like his parents may have been a furby and a fruit bat. Their names are Dexter {the baby deer} and Manni {the furby-fruit bat} They are the best {and naughtiest} little friends ever. Oh and we have Max the Cat too. His name is Mad Kid Bad Kid and he is the #1 best looking cat/honey badger in town. I also have a person. Her name is Caitlin. She is a really energetic morning person {I am not}. She is good at EVERYTHING {besides cleaning up, cause ain’t nobody got time for that}. She can sing, like REALLY sing and plays the guitar by ear. We love watching netflix in sweat pants and making good food together {let’s be honest, Cait makes the food, I just eat it} and can’t wait to do more of that in the house we just bought! I wouldn’t be me without mentioning that I grew up in a really LOUD family. We laugh a lot and all talk at the same time. I read the book Quiet and only made it half-way through because I am NEVER going to be a quiet introspective individual. I get really really excited about the things I am passionate about and discovered recently I am an empath and a visionary. I knew I was an empath before I just didn’t know there was a word for the reasons I am moved to tears so often. As for being a visionary- this was the best news ever. It means it’s ok to have 100 ideas a day! I’ve spent the last few years learning how to take all of this imaginative energy I have and channel it into my business {and life!}. It seems to be working out pretty great. Sometimes I am like, “No way this is my job!?” And I give myself a little pat on the back for seeming so grown up. Photography is not only a creative outlet for me, it is a neat way to help people feel awesome. Every person is worthy of feeling seen and loved and special for who they are. Wedding photography in particular is like candy land for me. Real live people in love? Tender handwritten vows? CAKE?! And then partying their asses off late into the night!? Yes please, sign me up! Woo hoo! I love that I get to take one of my passions and document your great big love with it! Life is filled with all of these interesting little pieces. One day they are here and the next they’re gone. I am here to tell you that those little pieces are the reason I am sitting here in a coffee shop writing out this incredibly long about me page. Because YOU matter. Because in all of my not quite 30 years I have discovered I just want my clients to feel comfortable and celebrated. Because life is a BIG DEAL. If you are a person that really has a zest for living life {and riding your bike}, you love adventure {and netflix}, and human connection {and Harry Potter} then we probably should just skip the formalities and be friends. I am here to help answer your questions {cause who the hell knows where to begin when planning a wedding} and help you choose being present over perfect. Because a perfectly posed photo, now that tells no story at all. And I am here to stitch together what is soon to be one of the biggest stories of your life.
Paige Mcleod
Hi I’m Paige, I live in Boise, Idaho but grew up in Seattle. I’d like to say I was born and raised there but that would be a lie because I was born in Boston. I was only there the first 6 months of my life but every once in awhile in college when I’d had too much to drink it sounded like I had a Boston accent. My favorite things in the world are kissing my babies and smelling their sweet heads. Eating one (or 7) of my mom’s cookies before she has even gotten them on a plate. Going home for the 4th of July and bringing new friends along. Hearing someone I love is having a new baby. Sending a RFP (request for proposal) to my dad about where we should go on our next big family trip. (Since I’m the only one who ever takes the time and my sister-in-law Mary is almost always on board with my plans, I largely get my way.) Oh and burritos… pretty much anything wrapped in a tortilla. Here in Boise I spend most days in our enormous house ignoring the piles of crap around me screaming to be thrown out, donated or put away and instead attempt to wrangle my very very 2 year old, Blade, and my bouncing off the walls (sometimes literally), 5 year old, Crewe. My husband, Ian, embraces the chaos much better than I do and turns on some kind of tunes to drown out the exuberant screaming, singing along in his signature falsetto. We decided to add to our noise level with a third (and final), due in March. I not so secretly hope it’s a girl who loves pink and just wants to sit quietly in the corner, play with dolls and laugh at her bonkers brothers. Either way, our Portuguese water dog, Mayla, is thrilled we are adding another dog food dispenser to the family. In regards to photography (and why you’re probably reading this in the first place) I fell in love in high school. Or maybe I was just high off the darkroom fumes, but I told my dad I wanted to go to school to be a photographer. He told me I needed “a real degree” so I went to the University of Oregon (go ducks), spent a bunch of his money and partied for 4 years-err I mean got a double degree in art and advertising. THEN I went to photography school. After that I worked in just about every avenue of photography out there from a crappy kid’s portrait studio to a high end digital retouching house that caters to celebrities [vanity]. My real love was always babies and families though, which was solidified when I had my own and settled into my less glamorous than LA but oh so much better life in Boise. And now I get the amazing job of holding, swaddling and singing to babies for a living! Oh yeah and taking their pictures. I love all things belly, birth and baby, so if you ever want to swap labor stories, peruse baby stores or take some awesome pictures, I’m your girl.
Heidi Bitsch
Hi, I’m Heidi, I live in Meridian in a beautiful new house my wife Annie and I just built back in March of 2017. I had grand visions of growing a garden this year, but it took so long for our landscaping to get done, that all I ended up growing was weeds. We will finally be expanding our family next spring, a little girl, who will be one of the most photographed babies ever. I am an animal lover at heart, but my love extends more towards cats and somehow I ended up married to the one person who absolutely cannot stand cats. Apparently I forgot to ask that question when we were getting to know each other. I did however get her to agree to a golden doodle someday, so there may be some hope for a pet yet. I am a laid back, easy going person. I can be a little shy at first until I get to know someone, but once I do, watch out, because I’m a big dork. I love reading (Harry Potter is at the top of the list), Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite tv series (“Big head want dolly!”). I enjoy traveling and visiting new places, paddle boarding, wake surfing, the beach, and anything that gets me outside in nature. I love to bake, so much so that I convinced my wife that I needed double ovens for all my baking. My red velvet cupcakes are nothing short of sinful, and what I am most known for with my wife’s coworkers. I have had a love and passion for photography since I was young. I used to pose my barbies like they were getting family photos and then take their picture. I can’t even tell you how many prints of barbie photos I threw away when going through childhood photos. I told you, huge dork. The passion was solidified even more when I took a black and white film class in college and was introduced to the dark room. It was the best therapy to be alone in the dark room, radio and red light on, and just enjoying the process of turning negatives into prints. This is my first year doing wedding photography, and it has been an adventure. I’m a sucker for love in the first place, and getting to watch so many love stories (19 this year) makes me swoon like a giddy school girl. I love the raw, real, and intimate moments shared between people, whether it be at a wedding or during a family session. If you’re looking for someone to capture those relaxed and unposed moments, let’s chat!

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