James Lancaster

James Lancaster is a Guitarist/Singer currently residing in Boise. All songs featured here were written, performed and produced by James. Over the last 3 decades, James has played, written and produced numerous genres he loves…..metal/prog metal, Ballads/folk, Latin, blues, funk/R&B, rock, Instrumentals of all types and all of the in-between.. So the music you’ll experience here will be from many of those different band and recording projects. He has performed and recorded in numerous projects over the years all over the US and has owned Gemini Studios since 1985. Always looking for new projects and collaborations, James’ specializes in writing both for himself and for others with over 100 Film, video and Television credits and counting.
“I’m always looking for interesting things to do with other musicians and artists and I love to try new things on guitar, Bass and keyboards. I enjoy playing various styles of music so I don’t have many boundaries for what I’m willing to experiment with”.

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