Hart Gibson

Born in West Texas Hart Gibson started Music with the Suzuki method at age 5. He is an accomplished musician and is a 3 year Regional Guitar Flatpicking Champion of Idaho. He performed with a very high caliber Bluegrass band “Public Radio” as Lead vocalist and lead guitar from 2003 to 2008. Hart Recorded his 5 song EP “Lucid Tones” in 2002 and it was limited to 300 copies. It was promoted and played a little on local Radio. Harts Musical direction seemed to change into a folk and bluegrass format from pop and acoustic blues, thus paving the way to create “Public Radio” with incredible multi instrumentalist, vocalist and Teacher Chip Booth. In 2003 Hart started teaching guitar at Sunburst Guitar Gallery and became a sponge for anything guitar related. Hart began performing on the streets of Dallas and Moved to Idaho in 1999. Now based in Bellevue Idaho,Hart enjoys performing solo and Jimi Hendrix is his most notable influence. He has a deep roots in Texas Blues and cut his teeth on SRV, Billy Gibbons, Johnny Winter, T Bone Walker, Freddie King and the likes but players like Clapton, Bloomfield and Tom Sholtz from “Boston” had huge impacts and were highways to Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa. His influences also include Miles Davis, Coltrain and Thelonious Monk. Bluegrass became an obsession after working at a Guitar store and discovering Tony Rice. Harts music is currently morphing and coming full circle to Blues and Americana. Harts music is a blend of all the Guitar players and styles of music he absorbed though his journey. His guitar playing coupled with his Voice create a colorful and passionate vision thats speaks to everyone.

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