Erin Smith

Erin SmithErin Smith is the owner chef and sugar artist behind Sugar Inspired LLC in beautiful Boise Idaho. She custom designs and creates cake that are truly a bit different then the rest. Erin has a artistic approach in her work and baking style. In addition a professional background in Pastry. Her talents, background, and experience have lead to positions with Boise’s Bardenay’s restaurants first ever Pastry Chef. During her time with the restaurants, she created and designed custom desserts for their locations in Eagle and Boise. She mastered the art of infusion baking, and produced handcrafted desserts each week for 3 years of her career as a their lead Pastry Chef. In addition, she provided Wedding cakes and special event desserts for their Boise’s B-Side events building through her own business Sugar Inspired catering to both private and corporate events. She continued her career in Pastry by accepting the Executive Pastry Chef position for the City of Boise’s Boise Convention Center. She leads their baking department, as we catered and produced event desserts for large corporate and private events for the event center before ultimately deciding to expand Sugar Inspired.DAS She has recently started designing a blog that was launched in January 2018 for “get inspired design” showcasing her inspiration in home baking and decorating. She’ll share recipes and tips, as we embark on moving into our custom built home where the kitchen and home will be the heart of her blog. Covering decorating steps, and tips for creative presentations that combine her love and knowledge in all levels of decor.. from the very heart of her home. She looks forward to a lifetime of creating custom cakes and providing a platform for inspiration seekers like herself. She is currently accepting orders for Wedding cakes and novelty cakes for 2018.

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