Erika McGinnis

Erika McGinnisErika McGinnis has been painting and drawing since she was very young. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from Boise State University in 1998 with an emphasis in art history. Erika currently is the editor of Pulsar, a newsletter published for the International Association of Astronomical Artists ( Her art has shown at various sci-fi conventions around the U.S. and has won “Best of Show” and “Best New Artist” awards. Erika has instructed art classes for Boise State University’s Extended Studies program, Boise Watershed Project and now teaches at the Eagle Art Gallery in Eagle, Idaho. She has done numerous illustrations for books, CD covers, and magazines, such as such as Farscape-Season Three, Black Petals and Tales of the Talisman. Recently, she was featured in Professional Artists Magazine, did an illustration for an article in Forbes Magazine and was one of the artists displayed in the Smithsonian’s online Spacewalk 50. Her New Star Tarot deck and New Star Tarot journal were published in 2001 and was released in an interactive electronic form by Wizard, Too. She did medical illustrations for the book, I Can See Your Heart Beat by Jeff Schoeben, had artwork shown at Ames Research Center in a show called Small Worlds and was published in a collective book called The Beauty of Space. Erika also gives talks about the issues surrounding light pollution. Nine years ago, Erika started a company called Under the Cobalt Sky, LLC, which carries a line of products featuring her artwork and jewelry that emphasizes different ages of art history. Also, Cobalt Sky offers bookkeeping consulting services to other creatives specific to the needs of the artist. Gazing up at the night sky fills me with wonder about the world in which we live. It brings me back to a childhood filled with awe about learning everything there was to know. My early exposureDAS to science, astronomy, natural history and art all have served to shape my artistic vision and I desire to retain that viewpoint of wonder. I am forever grateful to the observatories, planetariums, science centers and museums that added to the mosaic of my being. I have a restless spirit that I try to incorporate into my art. I hope to revive that spirit and curiosity in the viewer. As a painter, I create surrealistic work focusing on the universe, our history and spirituality. My paintings express the beauty and wonder of our time of exploration of the universe and of the ancient past. The process starts with an idea from history or myth and is fully processed in my mind before beginning to sketch right on the surface to be painted. I prefer to use bright, illuminating colors in my work and am completely in love with the vibrancy of Cobalt blue, which is in all of my paintings.

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