We have our family pictures taken at least once a year, it is a tradition we started when we moved to the U.S. and had our kids. Canvases and large prints from those shooting hang on our walls at home alongside photos I’ve taken myself. These photos are the first thing visitors notice when they enter our home. I have my camera with me most of the time: on walks, at the playground, and, of course, on family vacations. I love to create lasting memories and document our lives and there’s nothing better than flipping through the photos I’ve taken in order to share them with friends and family back home. Our photographs are some of our most valuable possessions and, because I want to be a presence in our family’s photos, I also hire other photographers to snap images of us all. I would love to do the same for you: document your unique history and beautiful life, its most precious moments, monumental events, but also more than the largest milestones – little things that you want to remember. Whether you want a playful Valentine’s Day image for your child’s school cards, a stunning photography of you and your very best friends, or a classic family portrait to share with your extended family, I can provide strong, professional images with a clean, modern aesthetic. I hold mini themed session throughout the year so that professional photography is made accessible to my clients. This way, photography might become, for you, what it already is for me: a simple way to integrate photography into your life. I hope to build relationships with you that extend far beyond a single shoot. Unlike most photographers I include the full rights to the images so you can share, reproduce and use the images in as many ways you can imagine. All good things should be shared and shared often!

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