Dan Costello

Dan Costello is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and prime staple of the remote but robust music scene in Boise, Idaho, USA. Armed at an early age with a radio and a baritone ukulele, his love for music led him to a classical guitar degree from Boise State, and a full-time professional music career now spanning over 15 years as a performer, writer/arranger, educator and simultaneous rabble-rouser/peacemaker in his local community.
While “Costello” is not all that common of a surname, it is shared by TWO established musicians named Dan Costello — practically mirror images of each other in their respective music circles (one in Boise, the other in NYC). The two met in 2014 at the famed Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan and continue to share a bond beyond just what’s in a name.

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