Charley Cholo

We’ve all been in lots of bands. We’ve played everything from stoner jams to death metal, but we were never really all the way into it til we decided to just say fuck it and start doing whatever came natural. No shitty drop tunings or bullcrap yelling your ass off all the time, just busting out the good riffs with the funky junkie rhymes piled on top. Like it says in the Bible, “Fuck you. We do what we want.” Sanchez was born in a goddamn hut out in the country in Mexico. No bullshit. He don’t want to hear you bitch about shit. Alls he ever does is play drums, record our shit, and carry fly hinas up to the tops of pyramids in the jungle n shit. He’s a goddamn beast. Lloyd won’t tell us where he’s from. We’re pretty sure some pretty bad shit went down, though. What’s important now is that he’s playing bass for us again after a momentary break to get his pizza joint in line. So he’s playing bass and making pizzas and that is a good goddamn life right there.
Old Charles the Cholo was shat out in the distended anus of the Northwest, Ontario Oregon, where there was nothing to do but get high as a kite in the dead of the night and entertain himself and his doped up buddies with made up lies and bullshit stories, now evident in his lyrical content. He moved acrost the bridge to lovely Fruitland Idaho, got a guitar and put his constant shit talking to a tune. Look at him now. Top of the goddamn world. So now we got this band, we’re writing songs, playing shows, and hanging wet towels off our hard-ons. Get at us. We’ll play anytime, anywhere, and we’ll have a good goddamn time doing it. Get on our mailing list for updates on new songs, upcoming shows, weird videos, and to get your head filled with more horseshit like what you just read. Or break our hearts and don’t. We’ll get over it. Like it says in the Bible, “Two tears in a bucket. Fuck it.”

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