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Blythe PhotographyI am Blythe. I am the drive, the fuel, and the beauty of it all. Take a look around and get to know me! I’m a big believer in families and marriage and know that it takes hard work to nurture and grow love that can withstand the inevitable storms. I want to help couples and families see their love in the pictures to help them get through the hard times, and enjoy the good times even more!
I’m in love with love and often squeal in delight when I photograph. I get to be there from start to finish with brides and grooms and their awesome families. I get to help you capture your favorite moments, wherever and whenever they may be, so you can value those memories for a lifetime. It’s such an honor to not only get to witness–but to capture–the joy, hope, and love that emanates from a couple. I can’t wait to get to know you.

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