Anne Boyles

Hello, my name is Anne Boyles. I am an artist based out of Boise, ID. My entrance into the art world wasn’t a typical one. I began painting during the summer of 2008 while on break before my junior year of college. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in Business from New York University, I moved back to my hometown to assist with Mom’s care. She was, at that point, 5 years into a battle with early onset Alzheimer’s. I was, at that point, several years into exploring what art meant to me. What began as a hobby soon morphed into a passion. Since returning to Idaho I have completed a six month Artist-In-Residency program with the Department of Arts and History and participated in group and solo exhibitions in and outside of Idaho. I continue to explore different techniques and mediums, most recently incorporating collage work into my portfolio.

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