Allison Connolly

Allison ConnollyAllison Connolly is the founder and lead designer at Allison Paige Interior Design. She brings decades of experience to her firm having worked in architecture firms, construction management, and design firms. She also brings an artist’s eye to her creative work; she is a landscape painter and worked for several years in our valley’s art galleries. At the heart of Alli’s design process is a commitment to composing beautiful, livable homes that reflect her clients’ vision and values Alli founded Allison Paige Interior Design in 2005 and has lived in the Wood River Valley for more than twenty years. She has now made a home in Hailey, where she lives with her husband, Quinn, her two daughters, Willa and Sloane, and her sweet and very energetic dog, Pete, who loves to take Alli on beautiful hikes.

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