AJ Burt

AJ Burt loves creating beautiful things: pure and simple. With a career that’s spanned the breadth of the marketing industry, AJ has had the privilege to design everything from large format billboards to phone-sized user interfaces. Photography is the culmination of AJ’s skill set, and his passion. Every piece of it is an artistic endeavor: designing the set, placing the lighting, framing the shot, and then processing the final print.
AJ’s ultimate goal with every photo he creates is to make his subject feel as beautiful as they are! He brings his upbeat, easygoing attitude to every session to put his clients at ease and allow them to focus on having fun and taking great pictures. Though he is currently based in Boise, Idaho, AJ is available for travel. His primary focus is fashion photography, portrait photography, and glamour photography, however, he is open to inquiries of all types. He would like to talk about how he can work with you to achieve your vision.

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