Toska Courbron

Toska CourbronI enjoy painting because it is always a challenge in problem solving, and a learning experience. When I paint, I try to create something new based on my impression, perception, or mood of a place or scene. I paint representational in impressionistic style, but sometimes experiment with the abstract. I have no favorite medium. I choose the medium depending on the subject or how I feel that day. I feel that the act of creating a work of art is and should be personal and intimate to the artist. However, I am thrilled when someone enjoys or makes some personal connection with my paintings. I truly enjoy the challenge, satisfaction, and intimacy gained from creating an original work of art. Therefore, it is my determination to share what I have learned with artists willing to learn. No holding back! Toska Courbron is a signature member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama and on the Alabama Plein Air Artists (APAA) Board of Directors along with maintaining their website. Toska developed drawing and painting skills in high school where she earned a little money selling drawings of the Beatles and horse portraits. Toska is a Certified Fraud Examiner-Retired, has a BS is Accounting, and MS in Management. She moved around the Country working as an accountant for private industry (12 years) and an Audit Manager for the Navy and Air Force (32 plus years). During this time, she was a member of several art organizations and won numerous awards along the way. Since retiring, she now devotes full time to painting, teaching art, and supporting and promoting art. Toska is a member of the Oil Painters of America, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Georgia Watercolor Society, Montgomery Art Guild, Selma Art Guild, Alabama Plein Air Artists, Alabama Pastel Society, and served on the Watercolor Society of Alabama, Board of Directors, and former Secretary of the Elmore County Art Guild, Alabama. Since retiring, she is devoting her time and effort into developing her own style, working with oil, watercolor, and pastel. She has given lectures and instruction at art guild meetings. One to three-day workshops by request. Workshop topics can focus on techniques of any medium (watercolor, oil, pastel), or focus on principles applicable to any medium i.e. composition, color, and use of reference photos.

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