The Dirty Clergy

The Dirty Clergy is an American rock and roll band from Marion County, Alabama. They aren’t new to the scene, but they like to keep things fresh. Breaking them down into a specific genre hasn’t been easy. They have songs that range from psychedelic rock to punk rock to your good ol’ 70’s rock of T. Rex and Alice Cooper. The band simply defines their sound as ‘garage rock’. Formed in Winfield, AL in 2010, the band consists of songwriter/guitarist Brian Manasco, vocalist Brad White, bassist Ky Carter, drummer Cody Moorehead and guitarist Joshua Pope. In November, 2011 The Dirty Clergy released the LP, “Revival” on their self-published label Happy Daze Records. It featured the politically charged, “Wall Street”, the downbeat acoustic tune “I”, and the alternative bad girl track, “Cocaine, Nevada”. The Dirty Clergy wasted no time returning to the studio to record the EP, “Shake”, in February of 2012. The new had yet to wear off of “Revival” when they dropped “Shake” and the band rode a huge wave of success in 2012. They toured from coast to coast and got reviews from blogs and magazines both internationally and abroad. “A new gear in the rock and roll transmission”, proclaimed The Dayton City Paper. The inspiration for music and the roots of the band certainly lie in the heart of when rock and roll was at the forefront of music. The Dirty Clergy’s catchy choruses, smooth harmonies, and pop hooks recall the youthful exuberance of the 50s and early 60s, when rock ‘n’ roll was synonymous with rebellion, while the punkish, grungy rhythm guitar, active drumming, and impassioned singing provide an urgent, hard edge.

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