The Camellia Trio

Ruth Mayhew
Ruth Mayhew is a DMA flute student at the University of Alabama. She also has degrees from Lawrence University and Northwestern University. She has played in many orchestras including the North Carolina Symphony, the Naples/Marco Philharmonic and the Orlando Philharmonic. She has many years of experience playing for weddings and special events. She loves teaching (both flute and piano), playing in the trio, and playing in the orchestra.
Alexandra Huryn
Alexandra Huryn is a senior majoring in violin performance at the University of Alabama. Growing up, she split her time between her family’s bee farm in Alberta, Canada, and her permanent residence here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She has been playing violin for 16 years and maintains an active career, frequently performing with regional orchestras in Alabama and Mississippi, as well as a personal teaching studio. After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in violin performance.
Laura Raymond
A versatile and multitalented cellist, Laura Raymond’s ability to blend into any musical environment has allowed her to pursue a thriving musical career. With credits ranging from the North Mississippi Symphony Orchestras to pop artists the Beach Boys, Raymond is truly amenable to any of her surroundings. With an equally colorful educational background to complement her performance credentials, Raymond has studied throughout the United States and Europe and worked as a logistics coordinator and professor in Ecuador. Currently a student at the University of Alabama, Raymond is pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in A Holistic Approach to Music Performance; an approach she hopes to continue to share with other aspiring musicians.

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