Steve Johnson

Steve is a professional photographer with a love and passion for art and beauty. His job is to provide photographic memory of wedding days and wedding couples…his VOCATION is to share in images the beauty that he sees in the world each day, including Wedding Day! He memorilizes other events also, especially for performing arts: dance, opera, theatre. And he cannot resist a beautiful sky! He is most skilled using ambient lighting and providing detailed image docmentation of live events.
Steve is the owner (with my wife) of Gabrella Manor, a special event services company and historic venue. He provides photographic services for many of the events at their venue. His previous occupations include property management, video production, banking and sales. What Steve hopes for in his future is to continue to connect with clients who are looking for an artistic approach to their image needs, from wedding couples with a sense of fun to patrons looking for heartfelt image art to enhance their lives and habitat. He is the proud father of two incredibly successful children and one impossibly perfect grandson.
Steve and his wife are the caregivers for three large dogs, four refuge rabbits, and one very vocal cat. They are incredibly proud of their venue, but even more so of their support staff. Most of all, they are full of gratitude to their clients for trusting them with their own special moments and days.

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