Sharon Gates

Sharon Gates, a native of Alabama, is an award-winning artist and instructor, painting both in the studio and en plein air (outdoors). She started out painting in oils then later studied watercolor after moving to the Gulf Coast. Sharon fell in love with the creativity and free flowing nature of watercolor which led her to experimentation in acrylics, ink and techniques such as collage, layering, etc. But her love affair with oils brought her back to this medium, bringing with her the creativity found in other mediums. Sharon has a degree in education and has studied extensively over the years with various master painters. Her work currently hangs in private collections throughout the United States. My work is the expression of my responses to light, color, paint properties, and the subject before me. The subject matter of my paintings may come from travels throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, or from my own backyard. When teaching, my goal is to inspire and challenge students of all levels to creative and artistic expression, teaching students to see as an artist sees. I give them the tools with which to express their new found vision. Whether new or experienced painters, my students are encouraged to stretch beyond their comfort zones in a inspiring environment. I like to tell my students this: Paint from your heart, paint the best you know how, forgive yourself, and never stop learning. Above all else, remember that there are no mistakes, only creative opportunities.

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