Raymond Williams

In his hometown of Dillon, South Carolina, Raymond Williams’ grandmother introduced him to musical greats such as Luther Vandross and Patti LaBelle, instantly hooking him on music and storytelling. Raymond explains, “The music I grew up on—Melvin Waiters, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross—they are true legends to me, legendary story tellers. I hope to capture the same power of the story in my music.” His fascination compelled him to begin singing in the church and later audition for talent shows around the city to test his skills, performing a myriad of gospel and R&B tunes he’d fashioned.Shubhpuja
In his adult life, Mr. Williams finds inspiration all around him. About his single “Red, White and Blue” he says, “I am a soldier. Although I’m no longer serving, I still see myself as a soldier, still honoring the red, white and blue.” His new single “For The Better” is inspired by current events and is meant to inspire others in turn “to love through all the hate in the world.” Raymond lives in the real world but strives to be upbeat and make a positive difference through his music and his life.

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