Misty Bevis Kimbrough

My name is Misty Bevis Kimbrough, and I am a Palette-knife Artist specializing in Sculptural Paintings, Broken Glass Art, & Commission pieces. My greatest passion in life is painting! I truly hope this is reflected in each piece I design. Being a Palette-knife Artist means I don’t paint in the traditional one-dimensional format with brushes, instead I layer on tons of paint, plaster, and other mediums and then sculpt and manipulate it with my knife. This allows me to create dramatic raised “buttery” areas, along with contrasting deep valleys to show movement and emotion living in each of my pieces. Some of my work is so heavily textured it has taken as long as 2 weeks for one piece to dry. I am self-taught in this amazing technique known as “Impasto Painting”, or as I refer to my work, “Sculptural Painting”. Over the years, I have become more and more excited about achieving the heaviest layered paintings possible. In doing so, I am always trying different Mediums –such as my latest endeavors of Clay and Glass on Wood. { See examples of each type of my work below. } Sculptural Painting is definitely a labor of love, but once I see a finished piece the journey to get there becomes well worth the wait!

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