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Jenesis WriteIf a voice can summon an image…listening to Jenesis Write sing brings to mind golden honey as it pours from a dipper. Strong, rich and flavorful, Jenesis has a voice that remains with you long after the last note has left her lips. Her natural beauty and singular style reveals a sound that is clear and pure. Jenesis Write, born in Birmingham, Alabama as Jennifer Johnson, shows people that there is nothing pretentious or fake about her. She grew up part of a close-knit family among people who had a strong sense of community. Her upbringing has had an impact on her choice of music. She is drawn to songs that have a profound meaning, songs that speak to life. A talented and much sought-after songwriter, she is now making a name for herself singing. An accomplished musician who plays both the piano and clarinet, Jenesis grew up listening to and loving the music of Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald and also counts Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston among her influences. Self-described as a firecracker whogucci speaks her mind and understands her place in the world, Jenesis’s focus is to share the music that she has been blessed to create; to pass her joy along. “I will be more than just a singer chasing the fame,” she quotes. “I have a story to tell. One that people need to hear.” Jenesis has become a lyrical and vocal force in The Kreative Kulture House, an up and coming group of talented entrepreneurs and artists who are working hard to create a fresh, new sound. She currently has written songs for Jordan Antonia and Josh McNeal of KKH. She has written for many other artists and has worked with some great producers in the industry today. Jensis is currently working anticipating the release of her new single, “Distracted,” from her new EP entitled GONE TO THERAPY in the Summer of 2013. She also continues to write, play and vocal produce.

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