Gypsies with Knives

Gypsies with KnivesIn 2010 Gypsies with Knives formed in the back room of an old college house in Ford Ct. Auburn Al. Playing their first few shows as a power trio, the group eventually evolved into a four piece with the addition of keyboards. After numerous house parties and late night gigs, the band developed into a formidable jam blues rock ensemble, with captivating live shows known for medleys, improvisation, and a pastiche of all rock music from the sixties to the present.
“The earthy, rooted sound of Gypsies With Knives graced my ears next. With powerful, clear vocals and great instrumental interplay, the band creates a neat mix between jam-band, southern and shanty rock” (Stephen Carrandini, Independent Clauses). The band has spent the last two years expanding their fan base, while evolving their genre, drawing inspiration from reggae, funk, rock, hip-hop, and punk.
The band has recently recorded a 9-song album (Trick Mirror) in Nashville, Tennessee with Stereotrash Records, exemplifying the bands strong lyrical foundation backed by strong, tight rhythms, flowing keyboards, and tantalizing guitar riffs. Presently, Gypsies with Knives has made a name for themselves in the Auburn area, having played just about every stage in town, with an array of different artists.
The band’s live shows have captivated its audience with energetic performances, crowd involvement, and unique sets.
GWK has performed in many different cities, such as Atlanta (GA), McMinnville (TN), Birmingham (AL), Auburn (AL), Panama City Beach (FL), Montgomery (AL), Mobile (AL), and many more. The band continues to tour the Southeast region, expand their fan base, develop their unique style, and push the envelope.

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