Ginnard Archibald

Ginnard ArchibaldRegional Emmy winning video producer and award winning photographer at Redclaymedia. His passion originated in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Through constant research for new techniques and attention to lighting, composition, and detail, he is always looking for new and creative ways to bring uniqueness into his work. By continually advancing his skills, he focuses primarily on the art and quintessential essence of “freezing a moment in time.”
As a professional Ginnard has the innate ability to capture true character in every frame through the use of lighting and stunning surroundings. He has a natural eye for the beauty of simplicity and the capacity to seize your attention. Ginnard strives to capture the true emotion, personality, and intensity in each of his subjects. Ginnard’s vision is to one day create something so powerful and enlightening, that it changes the perspective how people view a subject or matter on a global scale.

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