Esther Kinsaul

Esther KinsaulThe exact origin of Esther Kinsaul is blurred and full of contradicting statements, but the clearest thing about the folk singer is her voice. Pure and folksy with some soul and that hazy indefinable quality that makes Esther herself and no one else. Out of the grit and gravel of emotions only able to be sung, she draws words that you wouldnt think of to describe feelings you didnt know anyone else had felt, too. Backed by a ukulele and a loop pedal, Esther defines the genre of Emotional Folk. To pave the way for Kinsaul’s 2018 release, a two-song ep, “Muck + Mire” was released 12/11/17 following the humble, yet passionate debut full-length album, “Light Hope”, 6/23/2017. Esther has sung her way thru many towns and many stages, gathering many friends along the road, but her most notable accomplishment being having sung both a puppy and bunny to sleep.

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