Dana Wolter

Known for her chic Southern style, Dana is an award-winning designer located in Birmingham, AL. She and her interior design team create elegant, inviting, functional homes that are centered around each client’s personal definition of living well. Living well for some may mean a luxurious, custom home specifically designed for their family. For others, it may be a home that’s an oasis, a haven from the world. Dana works to support the client’s own definition by giving meaning to life through the home. Every interior design project is a unique creation that is tailored to the client. Dana listens to her client’s needs to customize a beautiful and timeless home that will enhance her client’s lifestyle. She uses her own exclusive and organized process to turn a homeowner’s dream into reality through a collaboration with architects, landscape designers, builders, and craftsmen. Dana has been featured in national publications and works on residential projects across the country. She was named to Traditional Home’s prestigious New Trad list in 2014 and was a selected Finalist in 2017 and in 2018 for the ADAC and Veranda Southeast Designer of the Year Award. Her own definition of living well is spending time with her husband and three girls, reading a good book, and traveling whenever possible.

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