Beth Smith

Beth SmithHi! Welcome to Mudtown Pottery. My name is Beth Smith and I operate a ceramics studio in Cahaba Heights, a suburb of Birmingham, AL. I create handmade pottery that I hope will be used and enjoyed everyday. All products are wheel thrown or hand built and each piece goes through two firings to produce durable and beautiful work that will withstand daily use. As mom to four nearly grown children, I understand the chaos and commotion that goes along with raising a family so I try to make things that will stand up to the demands of daily life. I chose the name Mudtown for my studio because it comes from the history of this place we have called home, Cahaba Heights, for nearly 30 years. Native Americans once lived right along the banks of the Cahaba River, raising their families in this community that we have loved for so long. Back then, the area was known as Mudtown because of the proximity to the banks of the Cahaba River. The maker’s mark I use on my pottery is a nod to the Cahaba Lily, a breathtakingly beautiful flower that is unique to the Cahaba River. It is a simple, yet beautiful, reminder of God’s love and care for us. Each May, my husband and I make a pre-dawn trip to see the lilies in bloom, paddling out in our canoe to be in the middle of the outcrop in the morning fog. This picture is from one of our many treks to see this magnificent show. To me, “Mudtown” seemed like the perfect name to reflect the history of our community, our love for the environment, and the main ingredient I use for pottery!

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