Amir Zaheri

Amir ZaheriDr. Amir Zaheri is Assistant Professor of Composition and Music Director and Conductor of the Contemporary Ensemble, at the University of Alabama. He also serves as the Associate Director of the School of Music and Director of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs. Additionally, he serves as conductor of the Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra. Immediately prior to these appointments, Zaheri held the distinguished Ben and Coy Narramore Fellowship at the University of Alabama, where he received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Music Composition, in 2013. At the same time, Zaheri also completed a Doctoral Minor in Musicology; his research focuses on the Music of Nazi Germany, with a particular interest in the music of Paul Hindemith. Zaheri holds the Master of Music degree in Music Composition from Georgia State University and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Western Kentucky University. Amir Zaheri is the recipient of many commissions, prizes, performances, awards, and publications at regional, national, and international levels. Additionally, his works are recorded and released on prominent labels. His compositional interests are wide-ranging and include classical chamber and large ensemble art music, film music, music for screen dance, music for live dance, electronic music, popular music, multimedia art, opera, and musical theatre. Zaheri’s teaching at the university reflects his own expansive compositional interests. At the University of Alabama, students pursue the creation of art music, popular music, dramatic works of various genres, film music, video game music, multimedia art, and experimental art, all with a strong emphasis placed upon collaboration. Zaheri’s students are being recognized at both national and international levels, and are obtaining prizes and performances by acclaimed artists and ensembles. Additionally, his students are routinely accepted to esteemed graduate programs in music composition, throughout the nation. Committed to pursuing the highest possible artistic level in both the creation and performance of the musical art form, Dr. Zaheri is a composer, conductor, educator, and clinician who is passionate about training musicians at all stages and all ages, instilling in everyone the importance of all musical experiences. Frequently engaged as a guest conductor and clinician, Dr. Zaheri routinely works with young musicians, from elementary through high school ages, in both instrumental and choral settings. Currently, Zaheri serves on the Alabama Music Educators Association’s President’s Cabinet, as the Advanced Placement Theory Chairperson. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Alabama Music Teachers Association as Composition Chair.

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