Amber Roper

Amber Roper is a self-taught music and video producer who has been writing songs and singing since age 7. She’s won several competitions for her song-writing and story-writing abilities as well as traveled far and wide across Alabama ministering the Gospel through her personal testimonies as merely a teenager. All seemed bright and promising for Amber until she fell ill and was forced to drop out of public school. She was forced to be homeschooled her last–and seemingly most important–two years of high school. This unexpected transition caused her to complete high school early and enroll in online classes at Troy University. Feeling drawn to the college life there, she worked hard to receive a Presidential Scholarship, which she would later decline in a reluctant exchange for God’s call to ministry school. After years of dealing with the rare condition of Dysautonomia, she began to break free into the world of music, exploring her skills and challenging her limits. While she spent a lot of her time in the hospital and catching up in online schoolwork, she wrote over 600 songs in just a 2 year time span. After finding the courage to release her first single, “Ace of Diamonds” in 2013, she realized it wasn’t so hard to have the best of both worlds and began working on a full album. Amber Roper rededicated her life to Jesus at a conference in 2014 and decided she wanted to create music that pushed her listeners closer to her personal Savior, Jesus Christ, instead of herself. This personal decision inspired Amber to release her first worship album “Who We Are” just a few months later. Taking a two year hiatus where she focused solely on her music videos, Amber grew her following to several thousand monthly listeners. Amber’s vibrant joy and zeal for life easily translates in each and every one of her songs, whether the message is lighthearted and gleeful, or serious and transparent. In 2016, Amber caught a glimpse of her influence and potential and prepared to release a second worship album “Impeccable Love” despite many major setbacks, including surviving an assault. She didn’t lose the pop and happy feel that she had in her songs before, instead she just embraced it, proving to the world that no one could steal her joy. Since then, Amber has released several music videos including “Control” which talks about a life completely surrendered to God and “His” which encourages a young generation to dedicate their bodies to God. “Tongue Tied” is an anthem proclaiming the importance of God’s love while addressing the issues of self-esteem and self-worth that she struggled with for so long. “HIGH” is the newest of Amber Roper’s music videos, creating an experience where God’s love carries us all high above the stresses of everyday living. Amber Roper is now working on an album with the empowering title of “Kings & Queens” scheduled to be released on her birthday in June of 2018.

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