Sidewinder down in the Lone Star state of Texas along the Mexican border, on the southern tip of Texas where one might envision the sun beaming down on crusty parched ground, where the dust flies from an old beat up pickup truck barreling down a bumpy dirt road with a couple of good ole boys in cowboy hats and boots listening to George Strait blaring on the radio, where the terrain is dotted with green prickly cactus and horned toads scamper aimlessly across the heated surface and where the only escape from the blistering sun is a thorny mesquite tree next to an all but dried up muddy cattle tank. Welcome to the home of the rock and roll band, “Sidewinder of Texas” (SoTx)! Sidewinder of Texas features Raul Garcia – vocals, David Valdez – guitar & vocals, ReySidewinder Ybarra – bass & vocals, and Paul Pederson – drums & vocals. Influenced by music and artists over a broad era from the 60’s through the 90’s, Sidewinder of Texas’ sound and style evolved into a unique distinctive original blend of what they passionately refer to as “Texas style Rock and Roll”. Their songs and lyrics cover the gamut ranging from love gone bad to the current social and political state of the nation. So, lean back, sit back, or climb into whatever you’re driving and give us a listen and crank it up!

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