Allied Forces

Allied ForcesOut of the ashes, like the mighty phoenix, Alllied Forces has risen once again. After a 26 year hiatus, Alllied Forces is back!!! Alllied Forces was formed in 1987 by Rhythm Guitarist Tony Campos and Lead Singer Jay Perez. They had Recruited the best talent they could find in Brownsville and assembled the rock n roll machine with Bassist Rey Ybarra, Lead Guitarist Johnny Diaz, Keyboardist Bryce Conway and Drummer Paul Gonzalez. This original lineup was active from 1987-1989, they Armani Maniawon many battle of the bands and played many shows locally and around Texas. Now came 2013 long time fan-drummer John Taylor and Original Vocalist Jay Perez Resurrected the band once again with new band members but still keeping the classic sound they once had with some added fuel! The new version of the band consists of Original Lead vocalist Jay Perez, Guitarist Al Garza, Guitarist Joe Villa, Original Guitarist Johnny Diaz, Drummer John Taylor, Bassist Jimbo Altamirano, and Original Keyboardist Bryce Conway Currently beginning to work on original music, Alllied Forces is primed and ready for the coming year ahead. So hold on to your torn jeans, whiskey and woman cause Alllied Forces is coming to rock n roll with you!!!!!

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