Jamie Lynn


Jamie Lynn is a multi award winning professional bellydancer in Austin, Texas and the surrounding Hill Country area. She began dancing with Pat Taylor of Austin, who studied with Bert Baladine and Bobby Farrah. So she is the great grandchild of those illustrious dancers! She studied in Cincinnatti at the Habeeba Studio for a few years and then returned to Texas where she resides with her husband and cat. Jamie Lynn is a member of the Austin Bellydance Association and regularly dances at a variety of local bellydance venues including Cafe Shimmy, Mirage, Desert Passion Middle Eastern Dance Theatre and Shimmy into Saturday at the Carousel Lounge. She is also a member of Raks Helwa, a troupe in which each dancer represents a specific genre of bellydance ( Jamie Lynn is the Turkish dancer), as well as Midnight Breeze Dance Company, and the director of her student troupe, The Qamar Dancers. She has danced at a variety of restaurants in and around Austin, including Ararat, Marakesh Grill, Alborz and Kapella’s Greek Cafe. She was one of the primary dancers for almost a decade at the Excalibur Fantasy Faire. For the last 9 years, Jamie Lynn has been the producer of The World Dance Showcase, Belly Dancing Under the Stars, and the Sultan’s Feast, events that highlight local dancers and raise money for a variety of charities. She is also the co-producer of Bahaia’s Bellydance Camp in Ingram TX. Dancing with a live band is a rare opportunity her in Central Texas, so Jamie Lynn is thankful she has had the pleasure of dancing with the following musicians: Atlas Maior of Austin, Badrawn of Dallas, The Dust Devils, George Lammam in San Francisco, Atash of Austin, Wind and Fingers from Dallas, 1001 Nights Orchestra of Austin, and The Hands of Fatima at a variety of Renaissance Festivals. She has had the opportunity to study and take seminars with some of the best bellydancers from around the world and is grateful to have met these incredible women and men. Thanks to Pat Taylor (of course), Bahaia, Artemis, Hadia, Amina, Bert Baladine, Amaya, Beata and Horacio Cifuentes, Sahra Saeeda, Delilah, Jillina, Morroco, Fat Chance Bellydance, and Shareen el Safy. In addition to being a dancer, Jamie Lynn is also a multi-media artist, with her BFA and MFA in metalsmithing. Her works are in galleries around Texas and she participates in shows such as the Texas Metal Arts Festival and The Sleeping Dog Studio Show.

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