The Geeks

What started out as a local cover band dressing up for Halloween turned into the increasingly popular, highly in-demand, party rockin’ entertainment outfit now known as The Geeks. Within months of their decision to change the band name, start wearing goofy costumes and create a fun but rockin’ stage show, The Geeks quickly built a loyal following in Midtown Atlanta. Soon after, they began getting numerous requests to entertain at weddings, corporate events and other private parties and they have since performed at various Atlanta festivals presented by Atlanta Beer Festivals, Rock 100.5 and USA Entertainment. The Geeks have a knack for consistently delivering a fun-filled, action-packed, party-goer experience every time they take the stage and “guilty pleasure” songs are the foundation of each and every Geeks show. When you see and hear The Geeks perform these classics, you can’t help but jump, dance, sing, shout or all of the above. Check them out and you’ll see! In addition to catching them at some of the most popular bars and clubs throughout Metro Atlanta, you can also book The Geeks for your own private party, wedding or corporate event.

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