Steven Kelley

Steven Kelley is a singer/songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. His early career in music involved not only crafting songs, but also performing and recording as a bass player in the Atlanta area. In April 2012, Steven Kelley launched the “SING THIS SONG FAITH HILL” campaign, inviting Country/Pop star Faith Hill to sing his ballad “Is This The End, ” produced and recorded by award winning songwriter Pamela Polland and Garth Webber. If Faith sings this song, Steven will donate ALL of his writer’s share to fund Lupus research! If you happen to run into Faith, tell her to “Sing This Song!” 😉
In Addition to the “Sing This Song Faith Hill” campaign, Steven formed the band “Mind Trip Freak Show” (MTFS) for the purpose of showcasing an original aternative/pop,rock sound to Atlanta. Produced by Atlanta Producer Paul Warner, MTFS recorded 3 songs for an upcoming EP. Release date TBA.
Look for Steven to be collaborating, in the near future, with other writers. Genres include Alternative Rock/Pop, Adult Contemporary, and Country.

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