Sofia Bartra

Sofia BartraSofia Bartra, a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, knows how to get a crowd moving! After releasing her first single “Never Look Back” in January 2016, Sofia has been working hard to create music that everyone can relate to and enjoy.
With the help of her producer Jason Andrews, Sofia released her EP “Rebel” in June. “Rebel” is a mix of high energy dance beats, pop infused songs and amazing vocals. “Rebel” recently got nominated for the Independent Music Awards, so Sofia is so ecstatic that people are as happy about how the EP turned out as she is! She also recently released her first music video for her song “One Touch”.
There is no doubt that her songs are catchy and will get you moving! Sofia has collaborated with amazing talents such as Kyle Lucas and Consio. She is currently very busy writing more music and getting ready to start a new project in the summer of 2017! Keep a look out, she’s a talent you do not want to miss!

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