MonkierMonkier, formed in 2013 out of the local Atlanta jazz scene, is an 8-piece band that seamlessly fuses elements of modern jazz into the hip-hop genre, creating something radically new in the process. The intricate raps, provided by emcee and keyboardist Zac Evans, smoothly flow over the polyrhythmic foundation laid down by the band. Their songs evolve unexpectedly, weaving between horn section flourishes, jazzy guitar solos, atmospheric synths, and smart vocals- all while never losing the groove. The band currently features Andrew Lastrapes (guitar), Robert Boone (drums), Brandon Boone (bass), Umcolisi Terrell (sax), Justin Powell (trumpet), Will Hollifield (sax), and Richard Sherrington (trombone). Monkier released their eponymously titled debut album in April 2014 to positive reviews from various publications. They are currently in the process of recording their second LP and touring throughout the southeast.

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