Molly Jane

Molly JaneMolly Jane is an Atlanta Native, wife and mom. She created Molly Jane Designs four years ago and has enjoyed immersing herself in the entrepreneurial world ever since. Establishing this company has been a dream come true for her. Every day is different. Whether she and her team are working on getting orders out, preparing for upcoming seasons, improving marketing strategies or celebrating milestones made. No two days are exactly alike in their studio, and to her that’s where creativity has room to grow and be celebrated. Between running Molly Jane Designs, growing her team, and aiming to continually produce beautiful accessories, she is also a wife and mother. Her husband, Collin is a pivotal part of her company.
He is her constant partner and supporter in all areas and keeps her laughing. Their son Finn was born in January 2017. Becoming a mother has truly been the most incredible experience. Owning a small business while being a mother is a journey all in itself and she is loving every moment. She loves Molly Jane Designs. This company is her heart and soul and hopes every customer they work with comes away with a genuinely wonderful experience. It is her goal to not only make quality products, but also capitalize in making that client’s day better than it was before receiving their own Molly Jane product. Molly is so excited for the future of this company and all that is to be!

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