Masayuki Sasaki

Masayuki SasakiMasayuki Sasaki, is a classically trained artist, with multi-facetted interests. He is an accomplished pianist, award-winning painter and uniquely stylistic potter. Since moving from his native Japan in the late 1980’s, he has impressed teachers, patrons, and his fellow artists with his unique sense of precision and artistic vision. We live in the world where we are surrounded by machine made and mass-produced goods today. He feels, as a contemporary craftsman, the need to validate the value of handmade items by making things that could not be easily duplicated and unique to his own artistic perspective. For Masayuki, it is not enough that a final piece be essentially functional and pleasant, it must also be lasting in its desirability for use. Long after, he’s ceased to be productive the pieces that he accomplishes today should still be enjoyed, appreciated, and used. This is the elusive quality that brings value to functional art, the lasting character that transcends the artist and outlives him. Whether in his paintings, musical composition, sculpture or pottery, Masayuki desires most of all that the usefulness and aesthetic appeal be both easily perceived, and lasting.

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