Marissa Barden

Marissa BardenMarissa Barden is no longer a slave to fear, she is a child of God! It has become a strong voice in her head as she wraps up her very first debut album. She is beyond excited to share these songs with you. They each hold such a personal place in her heart. This entire journey has been about overcoming some of her biggest fears and relying on God’s promise and purpose for her. That’s a huge step for Marissa and is often times easier said than done. But, as she is learning, some of their most defining moments rise from the ashes of mountains of fear that they’ve finally decided to burn! And Marissa has truly felt God’s presence leading her and holding her hand this entire way. She hopes that one will find these songs encouraging and inspiring. Worship music restores her, nourishes her, refreshes her and ministers to her. Above all else, she wants to write music that does the same for you. Marissa’s husband, mother and mother-in-law has been very supportive and took good care of their two precious children while they were logging hours at the studio.Shubhpuja Marissa’s daddy was the first to instill a love of music in her. She will always remember falling asleep at night listening to him play the guitar – it taught her early on how much joy and comfort music can bring. So much talent went into this project that it cannot go without mentioning! Marissa’s Producer Johnny Ragin of Resound Recording Studio, his guidance, direction, patience, work ethic, attention to detail has brought so much to her music. Marissa wraps this up with her favorite quote by Bethel Music, “The sooner we realize that life is about surrender, the longer we have to make a real eternal impact here on Earth.”

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