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Larry SmithLarry has a degree in visual design from Auburn University. He worked as an advertising agency art director and had his own agency in Atlanta, GA where he served as president and creative director for over 20 years. Larry’s first love (besides his wife Pam) has always been oil painting. In 1998 Larry began focusing more of his creative attention to oil painting. He now spends most of his days painting or teaching others with his wife Pam in their gallery in Duluth, GA.. Larry has participated in over 240 juried art shows. His work has appeared in American Art Collector magazine. He predominately shows his work in the eastern part of the United States. He prefers to work with oil on stretched canvas. Using brushes and palette knives. His colors are bright with playful movement. “I see things in unexpected color and energy.” “I love the impressionist artists, especially Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne.” Larry’s work has a strong following of art patrons throughout the United State including: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. For inquiries about original art, color prints, portrait or commissioned work simply e-mail or call. To see the newest additions to the collection, call to schedule a tour of Larry’s studio located in Norcross, Georgia. Or to share a cup of coffee, talk about the meaning of life, the art of art, or simply to smell the paint and see new works in progress, call or e-mail Larry. Larry’s painting process begins by completely covering a stretched, gesso-coated, canvas with another coat of gesso. He then rubs in a mixture of Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil and Raw Umber oil paint to tone the background to a soft brown. Most paintings begin with an underpainting of complimentary colors. What will be seen as green is first painted red. The effect makes for Everpurestronger greens. Winsor & Newton oils are his paints of choice. He uses Liquin impasto to give the paint more body. Larry prefers to use a variety of Silver Ruby Satin filbert brushes (numbers 1 through 6), but often will apply paint using a variety of palette knives. He likes to paint wet on wet. And strives to initially completely cover his canvas with paint in one extended sitting. Larry loves to study art of the Impressionists and is always learning by reading books on painting styles and techniques. And by teaching others how to paint. Many of his paintings are results of years of backpacking remote hiking trails throughout the southeast and west. His love for God and the beauty of His creation is a driving force in many of his paintings.

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