Krystal Rae

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, my love for makeup began at the age of 12. I remember trying different things in the mirror as I got ready for school. I’d play with glitter and put it in my inner eye and put different color lip gloss (they all came out clear) on my lips thinking I was doing something big. I always was creative. I pushed the limits within my age range and based on what my mother would allow. At 18, I was a free bird. I always practiced with different products and thus grew my knowledge and artistry skills. I shopped for the latest products and makeup brushes for my personal use. I tried different techniques to achieve the look I wanted and began to set trends. I evolved into a self taught artist. With the help of mentors, I perfected my craft and officially began my career as a freelance makeup artist in 2014. I successfully worked at Dilliard’s and Macys as a Counter Manager and have had the opportunity to work with amazing artists. When I’m not doing makeup, I am busy being a wife and mother to five beautiful children: Kaleb, Kayla, Kaylee, Kaylin and Kali. Join me in my journey and let’s evolve together!

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