Krista Grecco

Krista Grecco is a ceramic sculptor and Professor of Foundation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia (SCAD). Her work explores ideas of companionship and the seduction of nostalgia fueled by family, friendship, heartache and humiliation. She is the recent recipient of a SCAD Presidential Fellowship with work featured in 500 Figures in Clay: Ceramic Artists Celebrate the Human Form, published by Lark Books as well as Ceramics: Art and Perception, American Craft, New Ceramics and Ceramics Monthly magazines. In addition to exhibiting regularly in the U.S. and Europe, her sculptural works are included in prominent collections in the U.S. and Europe including Ariana Museum of Ceramics and Glass in Geneva, Switzerland. My work explores nostalgia, that seductive little emotion fueled by our past. The friendships, stuffed animals and photographs we have carefully preserved since childhood serve as mementos of the joy, humiliations and heartaches of our personal history. Nostalgia is at once romantic and painful; it takes us through a range of raw emotions, from the sugar sweet to the acidic sour. My work lives here- where human and animal are pushed and pulled between the happy and sad, the old and new, the beautiful and ugly.

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